The requirements for the staff to work as a cleaner

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The staff safely cleans both civil and industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors. Knows and applies the rules and best practices for manually handling loads, to prevent risks in cleaning environments, to manage dust, to carry out separate collection, sorting and disposal of waste in homes, offices and workplaces , to carry out cleaning of high places, windows and windows, for the storage and conservation of cleaning products and materials. It also ensures the good management of the signs in the places where cleaning products and materials are stored. Use chemicals for cleaning when necessary, recognizing their labeling and identifying dangerous products and observing the technical standards for use, conservation and disposal. He knows the functionality of electromechanical cleaning machines, uses lifting and transport means if necessary and observes the instructions for the safe use of electric cleaning machines. Use the personal protective equipment required by the type of cleaning and the type of products and machinery used office cleaning singapore.

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Situation Type Work   The staff often works as an employee in cleaning companies or directly employed by public and private clients who need these activities. The activity takes place mostly in offices and workplaces or even in private homes. Working hours are often placed upstream or downstream of the ordinary working hours of offices and industries. There are no binding prerequisites, although for the use of particular cleaning or sanitizing techniques or particular products and machinery, the regulations require the possession of specific qualifications.

Educational Paths- No higher education courses are required than compulsory schooling, but for the use of particular cleaning or sanitizing techniques or particular products and machinery, the regulations require the possession of specific qualifications and compulsory attendance at short professional training courses.

A cleaner can have a very varied job, depending on where he is employed. Whether you work in a healthcare facility , or in a private home, you will perform different tasks. The minimum common denominator will be the cleanliness of the premises and compliance with the hygiene and sanitary standards . As a cleaner you will take care of cleaning and sanitizing living and working environments according to the rules established by the legislation, in case you work in health facilities, or by the employer. Cleaning offices or homes will be different from cleaning to be carried out in environments such as hospitals, doctors’ offices or nursing homes but, in all cases, you will need to know the correct use of the various products and the safety regulations for them.


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